Okay, I’m going to jump right into todays topic: #AccessDenied! We have to stop giving people complete access to the best (and worse) parts of US. Not to sound stuck up, but not everyone is so deserving! Being in your life, in your circle, being around you should be limited to those that bring something to the table that you sit at. I’m not talking about strictly financial, either. Please understand that different people can contribute things other than money to your life & be more valuable than dollar bills themselves.

Recognize W O R T H versus W A S T E

I used to be under the impression that everything I did for people, would be reciprocated to me. It’s not that I did things for people expecting them to immediately help me out in a tough time…but I would hope if I’m in a tough situation that they would come through as I had done for them time and time again. It took me years to realize that was far from the case. I would constantly do for people when I struggled doing for myself. Why? Because in my head, they were worth it. After a while though, I started to notice patterns. Those same people who I would bend over backwards for, those same people who I’d given a VIP pass to my life…they wouldn’t take a few steps for me. See now, worthiness is starting to be questioned. What makes a person worthy versus being a waste of time? Hell, at times I still have to ask my husband that question in regards to me! See, I think it’s human nature to feel entitled to this access to others when in reality privileges should have been revoked a long time ago.

Reevaluate R E L A T I O N S H I P S with others

In the past, I’ve gotten so caught up in the idea of maintaining a relationship with others (ex’s, friends, family members, the list goes on)…that I completely overlooked if that particular relationship has run its course! Again, I’m sure you’ve done this before, so I’m not here to throw shade. When you reach your breaking point; you’ll start to reevaluate your relationships with everyone in your life and make sure that they are worthy and not a waste of your (or their time).

Don’t Feel B A D for Protecting your P E A C E

Never feel bad for protecting your peace of mind, regardless of your relationship with someone. Don’t feel bad for choosing yourself over another person of that decision brings you true peace. You might have to deny access or revoke privileges from someone who used to have access; trust me that’s okay. They might guilt trip you, don’t fall for it though (pun intended). Reevaluate your situations and relations with the people n your life as often as you need to, then make adjustments as needed.

The R E A S O N for this Post

I have been evaluating myself, and the positioning that I have in others lives. My conclusion? I’m not always acting as if I am worthy having access to them. I have passes that I am not sure I’ve truly earned, but yet here I am. I‘m a work in progress, which might make me worthy: but that’s an opinion that other people have to come to themselves. 

The point of this post was to tell you to stop giving access to those who aren’t worthy, while at the same time ensuring your worthiness to those around you. Drop your comments below, and share on social media if you agree!


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