Introduction Time: A Few Years Off

“You work too much” . . . I hear this A L L of the time. It’s possible that you will catch me going in on my off days, or going in early…staying late, etcetera. I’m barely at home these days, but it hasn’t always been like that. I took some time off, even though it wasn’t voluntary. For the better part of 2016 – 2017, I didn’t work. That wasn’t my first break either. Following a miscarriage in early 2015, I took majority of that year off too. So all together in the past 4 years? I’ve low-key been off for 3. So excuse me for going harder than ever once I finally returned to the workforce.


Applying for T-Mobile; – Back to Back

After having my son in January of 2017, I tried to jump right into working. That didn’t work out too well for me, lol. I kept getting blocked left & right for different positions with companies, and working from home didn’t last too long simply because my son required a lot of attention that I couldn’t provide. I was so close to giving up, but then I remembered why I was fighting so hard in the first place. I had a particular vision for a certain company; and I had put up a fight for quite some time to get back in too. So guess what? Giving up wasn’t an option for me. Every job opening that I qualified for concerning T-Mobile? I applied for. I vowed when I got back in, I’d worked just as hard (if not harder) as I did when I was with them the first time.

Throwback to January 2016.

The P R O C E S S – It’s GO Time

Sometime in September of 2017 . . . I walk into one of my favorite places to make a purchase…and get a job. I must have made quite the impression on the store manager, because over the next few weeks he was fighting to hire me although he was initially told no due to a company-wide hiring freeze. He wouldn’t take no for an answer, and neither would I. Needless to say, in October I had a new job title: Retail Sales Associate with T-Mobile. I was under the impression that I was being hired on part-time…you know, being a new mother and all. But as I’m filling out my hiring paperwork; I notice that my position is full-time. Look at Gawd!

New Year, New Fit…Who This?


E X T R A (Ordinary)

I’m just shy of 5 months in with my new job, and only one month in with my newest role. Funny story; I never imagined myself doing the things that I am currently doing, or learning the things that my management team is teaching me. I specifically told my manager during my interview that I did not want to go into management. In fact, I just wanted to be something like an ordinary sales associate. He shook his head, acknowledged my statement, and moved on to the next question. I thought we had an understanding, lol. Little did I know, he had a plan for me.

C O M F O R T Zone 

Often times, others can see greatness in you before you see it in yourself. You’ll be ok with being in one position, but those around you see more for you. That’s the stage that I’m at in my life now. I’ve always been ok with being the best in whatever current role I’m in, and I never thought about moving up. Being the best associate that I could be has always been my comfort zone. Being at that level wasn’t a matter of what I’m capable of job-wise; it was more so a safety net for me. I am scared I was scared to step into any other role other than the one I applied for back in 2017: Retail Sales Associate. Remember when I said my manager had plans for me? Well that plan involved getting ready for management all 2 0 1 8. But first? He had to snatch away my comfort zone, and in a sense break me down to build me up stronger than ever.

Stop telling me I work too H A R D

The most important reason I work hard.

I have to admit; it does seem like I am at work 24/7. I’d be lying if I said sometimes I use work as an escape from whatever might be going on in my life, but we are all human…and I am sure you’ve done it before lol. Aside from that, I’m not easing up on my work dedication at all in 2018. Hold up: allow me to explain why before you throw out there that I’m a mother and wife. 

  • I invested, and I’m still investing into a company that has invested in me. I’m not ashamed to say I fought long and hard before David made his appearance. It’s a long and heartfelt history that I have with T-Mobile, and I take pride in my position with them. I’m working hard because, mark my words, there will be a return on all the investments that continue to be made.
  • 1 Year plan in F U L L Effect. I’m not just working because I love what I do or who I service anymore. I have a plan now, I have another position or two in mind to be in by the end of 2018. I’m not going to get to where I want to go by doing the bare minimum. Just because it’s not “written in my job description” or “the pay doesn’t match the responsibilities” doesn’t mean that I can’t/will not perform. Why? Because being a boss means taking the initiative that others refuse to. At least that’s how I feel.
  • I’m providing for my family – My  husband spent a very long time taking care of EVERYTHING by himself. The time of him doing it alone is over.
  • My 9-5 will eventually fund Innovations by Miya – One of the primary reasons that I’ve put my business aspirations on hold is because I quickly realized that I needed quite a bit of capital to keep my business operating. This year I’ve already started putting away for what’s to come in 2019.

Conclusion – Work H A R D E R

So now the cat is out of the bag: I’m a workaholic and I will continue to be that – even as Mrs. Eversley & David’s mommy. With that being said, I can work on a better work-life balance sometimes lol. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t continue to work harder to achieve my goals this year. It’s a process for me to get to where I am going, and I’m not going to continue to feel bad for accepting that. Shout out to all of the hardworking individuals that can relate to this post; feel free to share on your social media!



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