New Year – Different Moves

Hey y’all! Here we are; two weeks into the New Year & I haven’t written a post since Thanksgiving! I haven’t forgotten about you, I’ve just been moving a little differently this year. There’s a lot of content that I’ve been jotting down in my iPhone notes that I haven’t quite put together yet…but trust me when I say it’s coming! Meanwhile, let’s talk about why 2018 is the year I’m ONLY choosing happiness.

2017 Recap – The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

Ok, so 2017 wasn’t all bad…I will say that. Um…about 75% of it was stressful as hell. The year started off decent; I was working doing what I loved & my relationship was getting back to where it needed to be (slowly but surely). January – May I was in a state of finding my happiness. I wasn’t always making the right decisions according to those around me, but one thing was for sure: I was doing whatever I thought made me happy. Here’s the thing about trying to find my happiness last year – I relied too much on others to find it. When turning to others didn’t provide the peace/happiness that I needed; I didn’t know how to cope.

May was a thunderstorm followed by a rainbow type of month for me. Following some unfortunate events, I found out that I was pregnant with my son. Mind you, I planned to have a child…Just under better circumstances than I were under at the time (circumstances in which I found myself in unexpectedly). Pregnancy went by quick, but I remember every single emotion that I went through while carrying my son. It wasn’t pretty most of the time, I’ll be the first to admit. Now that I look back on it; I spent most of my pregnancy depressed. I chose to sit and dwell on the past instead of focusing on the present & future of being a mother to an amazing little boy. My son arrived in January of 2017, & the months following his birth weren’t the brightest either. But’s let chop that up to postpartum and move on, lol.

One month into motherhood.

Ending 2017 – Lessons I’ve Learned

One of the most important lessons of 2017 for me is that I chose to be unhappy. No, I’m not saying that everyday I said to myself “You know what? I want to be miserable today!”. I’m saying that I chose to focus on everything that might have been going wrong in my life instead of things that were going right. I focused on the struggles of being a new mother instead of embracing it. I chose to see the hardships of being a newlywed instead of being appreciative that my relationship had made it to marriage. I eventually had enough of letting tears fall for reasons I couldn’t even explain after awhile. Going into 2018, I made a promise that I would choose happiness time and time again, no matter the situation.

Choosing Happiness ALL 2018

I’ve gone through so many changes (for the better) in the past few weeks, and the year has just begun. My son is a year now, and I’m coming up on my first year of marriage. At this point in my life, I can’t deal with anything that makes me unhappy. Why? Because me being unhappy is a domino effect! My son notices when mommy isn’t happy, now all of a sudden he’s fussy. My husband sees his wife isn’t in a good space, now he’s trying to fix something he very well might not have caused. My job performance is affected; now my clients who expect nothing less than excellent customer service is getting something different. When I don’t choose happiness, others are affected. That’s not fair to those around me, nor is it fair to myself.

Living my best life – All 2018

How was 2017 for you? Can you recall an instance where you could have chosen happiness but opted to do otherwise? How will you move differently in 2018? Tell me all about it in the comments section!

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