Credit: Important or Nah?

A few years ago, I started wanting to work on my credit. I knew what I did to mess it up, and I knew that having bad credit was the reason I had to pay high interest rates, put higher deposits down at times, or even get denied for certain things. But even still…I wasn’t doing anything to fix it. More so I was just making sure I didn’t mess it up any further.

Three years ago, I met a man who told me on the very first day I met him, that he wanted a house. Now I’m thinking to myself, sheesh I haven’t even thought that far into the future. I think at the time I wanted a townhouse. Still, I didn’t think about credit.

Two years ago, my boyfriend accompanied my cousin at a Hyundai dealer to help me get a car after a year of not having one. We were having some tough times getting financed off the lot, and can you guess Why? My credit. He went on car with me to try to help out, but as the co-signer it didn’t make a difference. It wasn’t until I got home that I really  understood the interest rate the lender got me with.

Even though I loved my car, I remember crying for a few days once I understood the numbers behind the paperwork.

That Was the last Straw!

This is when I told him that I wanted to fix my credit: for me and for him. I educated myself on the importance of credit and the lack thereof. I started paying off a few things. I checked in with student loans. I got a secured card with my bank. He encouraged me the entire time, and told me not to give up if this was a goal that was important to me.

One year ago, my fiancé and I got accepted into a first time homeowners program. Because he had nothing in his credit, he was the applicant. This was another time I was reminded about the importance of a good credit score. One of the requirements was that you had no serious delinquents on your credit report. I wouldn’t have qualified.

Nine months ago, we got married and had a kid. I knew they going forward, I didn’t want him to have to rely on his credit for new opportunities.. Because we are a team. For a little over a year, I had been taking my knowledge on credit and giving it to him, making sure that he not only maintained a 700 score, but that we did things to ensure the score moved towards the 800 mark. While making sure my husband’s score was in tact, I’d been working hard on my credit behind the scenes. No help. No third-party. Just me, my knowledge. My determination.

Consistency is Key

Two days ago, my husband and I were discussing our goals for the week. We did our weekly check of our credit scores, and that’s when I discovered that my score went up 22 points. My husband told me that he was extremely proud of me, and thankful that I have been helping his score go up as well.

Fixing my credit hasn’t been easy, and I still have a long way to go. But I’m glad that I decided two years ago to take it seriously.

More importantly, I’m grateful God placed someone in my life that made me want to make changes such as improve my credit score just so I can be on the same level as him. So that I can help provide our family with opportunities, so that he wouldn’t have to do it alone.

When someone comes in your life and has you wanting to make life changes for the better, they might be a keeper.

Shout-out to that man who is now my husband ❣


Are you currently working on your Credit? What encourages you to do so? Let’s here about it in the comments! Feel free to share on your social media!

2 thoughts on “Credit Going Up, On a Tuesday!”

  1. What a powerful and beautiful post! So amazing to see your growth in this post! Going all the way up, I see. Thank you for sharing this with my engagement Pod on IG. Love it sis

  2. Often times we are never educated on how to navigate these streets called life until it’s too late. Credit is definitely a key to leveraging things in life that you may want / need. With a poor score you end up paying more on the back end of any loan than the guy or girl with a solid score through accrued interest. More specifically when your credibility is low you’re high risk to lenders because they don’t trust you. Raise your score and those interest rates start to fall. You then have lenders practically giving you money only to pay it back with minimal interest because your 750 + score has them all saying, “I can trust you!” Great read cuz. Stay positive on your journey.

    Love always

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