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Fall. A season that so many of us love, right? The changing of the trees, the cool but not to cold weather, the sneaking up of the much-anticipated holiday season. All in all, there’s so much to look forward to each and every Fall. This year however, I’m looking forward to something entirely different: letting leaves fall where they may. Pun intended, by the way.


You might be wondering what I mean by letting the leaves fall where they may, so allow me to explain. I spent so much time during other seasons trying desperately to control every aspect of my life. I tried to control when I returned back to work after having my son. I tried to control what people stayed by my side as I battled depression. I tried to control my feelings about my marriage. I can truly go on and on about how I attempted to have so much control over the past few seasons. Never once did I stop and put my faith in God…trusting that he would reveal a job when it was time. I didn’t put my faith in my true friends, believing that who was really down for me would never think about leaving my side. I tried to run from love instead of embrace it. All that has changed, just like the season.


When leaves fall off of tress and into your yard, the wind is responsible for where they land. All that you are responsible for controlling is the clean up afterwards. Much like we cannot control every situation in our lives. I am not trying to force anything or anyone in my life. I have a more nonchalant approach to much of the things that I once worried about. What happens out of my control, will happen. I have realized that I am more so responsible for how I handle situations before, during, and after they happen. So this Fall season, I am letting the leaves fall where they may, and I hope you will learn how to do the same!

2 thoughts on “Let the leaves FALL Where they May”

  1. To put it simply.. Let go and let God! I’ve been guilty of trying to take control of everything as well instead of putting my faith in Him. I needed to see this. Thank you!

    1. Tiara,
      You are welcome! So many things inspired me to write this post…And I’m glad that it reached you in the manner that it Did! I would love to practice letting go and letting God together!

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