Let’s talk about it. How many of you all have experienced heartbreak in the past? How many times have you hurt someone or have gone through someone hurting you? Before you tell me that you’ve never hurt anyone, please note that I’m talking both directly & indirectly. Do you think karma from hurting people possibly blocked some blessings?

Pain Blocks Blessings

I’ve spent too much time playing the victim in the past. I’ve caused just as much pain to people as they have caused to me. A lot of it wasn’t intentional, but to be honest that’s besides the point. In no shape, form, or fashion am I perfect. I’ll even go so far as to say the reason why I got hurt so many times is because I refused to just sit down and take some time to reflect on being by myself. As much as I would love to blame it all on my ex’s, I played a big part in my love (or not so much) story. By summer of 2014, I was truly over love, like, attraction…everything that even came remotely close to a “relationship”. But God apparently had other plans.

Second Picture we took together, first official date. 07/2014


How It All Began

It was a sunny afternoon in Clarkston, Georgia. I pulled up to my friends house, getting ready for her to do my hair. A few minutes after I pulled up, a champagne colored Chrysler pulled up next to my car. Looking a mess, I turned to my friend and asked if she was expecting someone. She laughed, and introduced me to my future as he stepped out the car.

Blessings in Disguise

 By late 2014 I was completely over relationships, Eskor made me reconsider that. One of our first conversations the same day that I met him consisted of him telling me how he didn’t want a girlfriend. He said that he wanted someone to build with, someone to get a house with, someone to progress with. Over the next several weeks, we got to know each other on every level imaginable. I grew to admire this man; he worked corporate America during the day and Stone Mountain park by night. He was extremely humble, made sure he was able to provide for not only his family but his friends, and really inspired me to better myself. Mind you, this was all within a few weeks time. Crazy right?

You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. – Anonymous

Fast forward to the present. A marriage, one kid, & three years later…I still can’t believe I was blessed with love when I was so certain to be done with it. By no means have I been an angel in this relationship, but that’s the beauty of being with someone who knows your heart. Real love never fails. It’s certainly tested; that’s to be expected, this is not as fairytale. This is real life, and even the greatest relationships undergo real problems. Just because something can get extremely hard, doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a blessing.

Two of my biggest blessings.

Sometimes, you come across just what you needed when you aren’t looking for it. That goes for love, jobs, friends, just about anything. Do you have a unexpected blessing story to share with me? Drop it in the comments below!



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